A Few Things I Have Learned

In the last few months I have learned several things about myself. Here goes! 

1. My body can not deliver a baby. I don’t dilate to more than a 3. I do not feel guilty about having to have a cesarean because I know that it was God’s plan for us. We had two hours of time to pray about if a cesarean was needed then it would be God’s will. Gus was born via cesarean 3.5 hours after we started praying. 

2. I can not produce enough milk to feed my baby. I have tried all the tricks in the books from herbal remedies to prescription medicine and nothing works for me. Gus was satisfied with what I was giving him but it wasn’t helping him grow. According to a lactation consultant I have rich milk just not enough. 

3. Although I wanted to be able to have a “normal” delivery and I wanted to feed Gus all these things have worked out to be God’s will and I have peace with those things. 

4. Some babies just don’t sleep good. That is that and I don’t have peace with no sleep! HA! Some days are easier than others and that is all I know at almost 4 months of not very much sleep. 

5. When a baby wakes up hourly and smiles at you each and every time you will melt just a little. 

6. RSV stinks! 

7. Staying in a hospital with your baby is a scary scary deal! I am so thankful that Kris was there with us around the clock. 

8. Family! WOW! What would we do without them. My Mom, my sister Shanna, and Robyn has been consistent in checking on me and helping out in anyway that they can. 

9. Family isn’t always blood. 

10. God gave man knowledge to make formula and the knowledge to perform cesareans and for that I am thankful! 

11. In the grand scheme of things I wouldn’t change a thing! 

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Our Christmas Traditions

We put our tree up today! YAY! Kris is not always in a hurry to put the tree up so I was glad that it didn’t take a bunch of nagging(only a little). Anyways, after putting it up it made me think of our not so normal traditions in tree decorating and how they came about.

When Kris and I first met he lived with his step Dad. They didn’t have a Christmas tree in the house let alone decorations. So that first year we went to Walmart and bought a $20 small tree. Then came back to their house and we started decorating. Hindsight 20/20 we should have bought decorations too. However, we didn’t. So we started scavenging in where else but the BARN. HA! So that first year we decorated with spurs, bits, horse shoes, ropes, tree skirt was a horse blanket, and the topper was a hat. Needless to say we had to tie the tree to the wall. Those ‘ornaments’ were to heavy for that $20 tree. The next year we had found a few ornaments along the way and started replacing the heavy items but we kept the tradition of the topper being a hat. That is a tradition that I just can’t let go of even if it is very nontraditional and most don’t get it. I love it. It takes me back to our first Christmas together. Now we use either Kris’ cowboy hat or Rowdy’s hat as the topper. I love that tradition and I am open to changing most anything about the tree but not that! ❤ 

Last year we got a much bigger tree given to us and thankfully we didn’t have to search the barn to add ornaments to it. We have collected a lot of the years but we really need to buy more than the ones for the kids. In looking at the tree today I realize that 80% of the ornaments are ones that we have bought for the kids for their future trees. So we might end up with another tree decorated with spurs, bits, and etc if I don’t work on our ornament supply. 

What is your tradition at Christmas? Tree decorating or otherwise? 

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Rowdy’s food vs Paisley’s food

Rowdy is the pickiest of picky eaters. He is much like his Daddy. So I am going to travel back a few years and describe the things that Rowdy has liked over the years. Starting out Rowdy has never been a meat eater so much so that I would find meat stored in his cheeks hours later after eating. He has gotten better at meat but is still pretty picky about the texture of the meat. Then he went into the ketchup on everything stage….I mean everything! He had ketchup on tacos, pizza, biscuits and gravy. Yeah, let that soak in BISCUITS AND GRAVY with ketchup on it!!!!! Then he discovered cheese dip and re-fried beans and to this day he will eat ANY bean smashed and cheese dip. He has never been much of a veggie eater but he will eat a lot of fruit and in the past 3 years we have discovered that fresh veggies are more what he likes. So here is a few raw veggies that he will eat carrots, bell peppers(all colors), squash, zucchini, cucumbers, grape/cherry tomatoes. As for cooked veggies he will eat corn. Rowdy’s menu of choice would be Kraft mac n cheese, cheese dip, mashed taters and white gravy, biscuits and gravy, sausage, bacon, tacos, refried beans. That pretty much sums his eating habits up except for the things that I make him eat!!


Paisley on the other hand is totally opposite of Rowdy’s eating. She is not that picky of an eater and she will try most anything and likes most things that she tries. I must say she has some favorites that really strike me funny. Here are Paisley’s favorite things. If she won’t eat dinner she will ALWAYS eat these. Frozen un-breaded okra, frozen peas. If someone gets in the freezer (our house or Mom’s) then you must get her a bowl and she wants okra or peas to eat. Here is her list of raw veggies that she eats: broccoli(she calls them trees), cauliflower, carrots, onions, taters, bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes(both green and red), avocados, pretty much anything. On a side note Paisley does not like mashed potatoes and gravy. It actually gags her.

Two kids that are polar opposites in what they like. I think it keeps me crazy for the most part on trying to get them to eat right. One fights me on eating stuff and the other is good with her frozen okra or peas. Paisley is easy to buy snacks for that is healthy and Rowdy wants all the unhealthy ones.

Kris will resist trying most anything new and Rowdy is the same. Paisley and I are open to options and adventures of new things. I am eager to see how this baby turns out. A good mixture of both of us or another drive me crazy picky eater. 🙂

They do however agree on fruits!

Here is the list of fruits that they BOTH like: grapes, apples, clementines, mangos, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, bananas, cherries, pineapple. I am sure there are more but these are the ones that we buy the most.


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My Oh My!

Well today started off interesting. I went into our bathroom to clean it. I removed Paisley’s potty chair and her seat that fits on a regular potty. I then dug into cleaning in my own little world. Well I walk into the living room and Paisley is sitting on the seat in the living room floor saying “I pooped” over and over at the top of her lungs. I gulp and get her up off the floor thinking poop. Thankfully it was only pee which my stomach can handle cleaning up much better than pee. GAG! What an event! So note to self….well I don’t know what the note would be. Pay attention? Don’t clean the bathroom without Paisley having a supervisor? 

Reminder: The Lemley kids are pretty mischievous and they come by it honest. 

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This year I started out doing the days of Thanksgiving on Facebook. Each day I was posting what we were all thankful for. I am thankful for things daily and I tell The Lord just that but it is nice to not get in a rut and be thankful for every day things. To be thankful of things that you have taken for granted along the way for the past year. After reading a recent blog post I decided to change my way of doing this and really involve the kids. We made a blessing tree. I traced the kids hands and my hand and cut them out on colorful construction paper and we are writing something on a hand each day. The hands are suppose to be the leaf on the tree. It has turned out to be very cute and such a great reminder for me. I plan to keep the hands and write the date on the back so that we can look back and see what has changed in our life over the year. Paisley has of course said things like Milk, Swing, Mimi, Na na(Daddy), Ma(me). I think it will be fun to see what she says next year in comparison. The same with Rowdy. He puts a lot of thought into his word for his leaf. It really has been a great thing. The original idea was for a large family and each person wrote what they were thankful for on their hand. So it was a handful of blessings on their leaves. It was very cute but we aren’t a big family so I adjusted it a bit. 

This morning as Rowdy was doing school and I was looking at our tree I thought about things that haven’t been mentioned yet and things that are up already. There are numerous things that haven’t been put up and we may need to put more than one per hand or have a gigantic tree with a little trunk. So I was thinking about one thing that I am truly very thankful for. I am thankful for Dr’s. It is nice to be able to call a Dr for reassurance or just because your not sure what is normal or not. I have had a lot of those questions with this pregnancy. More so with this pregnancy than the past two pregnancies. They say each one is different and boy are they right. I am thankful after much prayer I had great peace about using Dr Hill to deliver baby #3 and have felt very comfortable with him and his entire staff. Of course there is many more things to be thankful for but as I was limping around this morning this one came first and foremost to my mind.

So in closing. Have you thought about what your thankful for? Not just the every day things but maybe those things that you don’t use daily or need all the time like Jesus, your spouse, children, home, food and etc. Those things are all great and we should be thankful for them all the time but can you imagine not being able to go to the dentist with your tooth pain? or maybe those shoes that protect your feet from the environment? 

I am not saying don’t be thankful for all those things that I mentioned but if you only got to keep the things that you are thankful for what would disappear out of your life? Something to think about all the time not just at this time of year. 

Thank you Lord for your many blessings through out the year. 

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Heavy Heart

I woke up in the night thinking about something that really bother’s me. There is not one single thing I can do about it except pray for that person. My heart is heavy for people that don’t take care of their children. I know that God has given them these children to raise and take care of for a reason. I don’t understand that reason and I don’t have to. I do have assurance that they will answer for the neglect that they are doing to their child. I look at my children and I can’t imagine not having/making time for them. I can’t imagine the heart problems that a child would feel on having been neglected and taken care of. I am not talking about food and roof. There is more to child rearing than eating and shelter. I am constantly reminded by God that I am setting the example as mother for my children. I look for His guidance daily and would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Him. Parenting is not easy and we all struggle with it. It does not mean that you can shirk your duty and live your own life how you see fit. Again God gave you the babe/babes. Love the babies that God has given you. Be the parents/parent. The things that will help you and them tremendously is God’s unfailing word and application of it, Love, encouragement, dropping the selfishness, teach them right from wrong and demonstrate that in your life. They won’t always live in your house and need your tender loving care. Please take heed! 

Sorry if it is jumpy and all over the place. My thoughts are just that and I cried through most of it. 

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Oh Baby!!!

Let’s talk about this baby. My past 2 pregnancies I have carried some wild children. I am serious! Rowdy got his nickname in the womb! HA! Well this child is not living up to that standard so far. It has been bothersome for this Momma. I didn’t feel the first flutters until after the 20th week. Really and truly I am still only feeling flutters. I am 31 weeks and to not be poked, prodded, and jabbed from the inside out is very strange. So recently I asked to have the baby monitored for my peace of mind. So I went to the Dr’s office and they hooked me up for about 20 minutes. I got to hear the thump thump of his little heart and it was nice and strong. Very reassuring that it was so strong. I have an anterior placenta and the Dr and nurses assured me that this is the reason that he is not felt as much. I do think it has something to do with his position too. A few days ago he was transverse and so I am sure that isn’t helping. After the Dr’s visit I felt much better about him. Well today as I was drinking my water I sat my cold cup on my belly because you know it is handy. Anyway, I apparently gave him frost bite because he was quick to react to the coldness and gave me a good hardy smack. I am glad to feel each and every movement but the whack really helped this momma today! 

I just may have an easy going laid back baby on my hands for baby #3. 

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