A little about our family

Hello! Right now we are a family of 4 but come January we will be a family of 5. Here is a little snap shot of our lives. Kris and I met at the Lincoln Rodeo grounds while he was roping. I was there with my sister and just hanging out. He asked me that night to meet him at an arena that next weekend. I said that I would and I did. However, he didn’t show. Come to find out his Dad took used his truck to take his girlfriend out and left Kris high and dry at home. I of course hadn’t given him my number cause I didn’t really know him. Yes, I was to meet him at an arena but I was going to be there with my sister anyways so no biggie. After several weeks a man named David got us set up on our first date…I guess you could call it a date. We went to his sisters house for Memorial Day. So I call that our first date. He didnt stand me up and 10 years later he still hasnt stood me up anymore. So our journey began. We married September 25, 2004 and lived happily ever after. HA! Ok, so we have had our share of troubles but we have been mostly happy. God has blessed us with 3 children(one bun still in the oven).

I decided to start this blog because I am a stay at home Mom and my kids are funny! I enjoy our lives and sharing our antics and shenanigans with others. I hope to post our fun regularly and I hope that you enjoy our life as much as I do.

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