Hair on your chinny chin chin

My family comes from a long line of hair chinned ladies. Yes, I said that. I think this is a very real problem for more than my family and if not well bless your heart! So yesterday Rowdy spots a hair along my Mom’s jaw line and he tells her. She promptly tells him to go ahead and pull it out. He grabs a hold and proceeds to pull. Well as you get older your skin sags and so there was a wee bit extra skin there on her chin/jaw line. So he tugs and the skin pulls away from her face. All the sudden he lets out a screech and lets go. We get out of the car and he starts telling me that it really grossed him out that her skin stretched so far. Of course when I get back in the car I have to tell Mom about her gross hairy stretchy chin. It probably was mostly a you had to be there moment but I found it very funny. I am pretty sure my son will not date a hairy chinned woman after that if he can find one. HA! 

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