Wednesday was our 9th Anniversary. Kris got up that morning at 5:30am and left at 6 and kissed me goodbye. I left the house at 4:30 pm for Church and kissed him goodnight when I got home. That was all our Anniversary consisted of. Last night we got some alone time and it was so very nice. Kris always knows what I am needing to hear as I do him. I can start talking and he just soothes my troubled thinking with a few words. It is very nice to have such a mate as that. All in all it was a great evening and we mostly talked about our babies. As I laid down in bed last night exhausted after not much sleep the night before I started thinking about last years Anniversary. Last year we decided that we would start praying about adopting a child IF we didn’t get pregnant with our own. I had not thought about adoption to much since becoming pregnant with this baby so I guess it kind of slipped my mind. Actually before I found I was pregnant I felt like the possibility of adoption was not out of our reach and that it may be just what God had intended for us. So the pregnancy came as quite a surprise to me and to us both. We haven’t talked about after this child by any means. We are just anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little boy.


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