I must be getting very nostalgic in my old age. HA! Kris has said from the beginning that we should name this baby Michael Augustus. Well I am breaking down or something because I was adamant at first that it was NOT going to be Augustus but now I am kind of liking it. There is always tomorrow though. So now your wondering why I named this blog nostalgic and then started talking about a name. Well when Kris and I first married we lived in an apartment in Siloam Springs. We lived there a little over a year while our house was being built. We found out we were pregnant with Rowdy while living in that apartment. So we were newly married and didn’t want a cable contract since we didn’t plan to be at that apartment long. So we bought movies to watch on our huge tv that sat on a rolling cart. Anyways I remember sitting on the bed eating a lemon with salt and watching Lonesome Dove. We watched that movie 1000 times it seems. It is an 8 hour movie that is easily broke down into 4 two hour episodes. HA! We had to skip the snakes in the river part because it would give me the creeps. So the name Augustus comes from that movie. It does remind me of the beginning of our life together. Is is a great movie? Would I let our children watch it? No, we don’t. It all boils down to that the name Augustus reminds me of what we had then and how we lived and what we have now which is so much better. So I am not sure on the name and maybe I wont be till I see this boys face. We do have several other options that we like. That’s my walk down memory lane folks! 🙂 

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