Crystal Bridges/Chick-Fil-A

Yesterday we had a field trip with ACRES Home school group. We got to Crystal Bridges Museum at 10:00 am to begin our tours. I didn’t know how much Rowdy would enjoy the trip as far as the art pieces go but all in all he shocked me and really enjoyed it. There was 26 of us there and so they split us into 3 different smaller groups for the tour. The guide talked to the kids about the architecture and the architect. They all seemed to enjoy the trip. I think they enjoyed the trails the most of it all. We did the mile hike around so we could see the over look. I guess I missed that on the trip for just trying to huff and puff my way down the trail. 

After leaving Crystal Bridges we went to Chick-Fil-A and did their tour of the restaurant. The tour was nice and the man that led the tour was a preacher and was very proud of the Christian company that he works for. They let us tour the kitchen in groups of 5. The kitchen was pretty small but very clean. I was impressed with how everything was ran. Hal(the tour guide) told us that they brew tea from the time they get there in the morning till they leave and the same with the lemonade. It is freshly squeezed on site. Everything that you hear about Chick-Fil-A is legit. They really do hand batter their chicken, squeeze the lemons and etc. It was nice to know that they truly are what they say they are. I recommend asking for a tour. It is a neat experience and a breath of fresh air knowing it is a Christian Company. 

PS. There are A LOT of stairs at Crystal Bridges so be prepared. I know this pregnant lady was not! 

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