Laundry race

So I have been down for the last week. So the laundry really piled up. Thankfully my Mom took pity on me one day and helped put away some of the laundry mountain. There was still a huge mound to be washed and put away. I worked my way through that on Wednesday and tackled the folding and putting away yesterday. I despise folding laundry because there is a curious 2 year old that likes to ‘help’. You know the kind of help that you fold a wash cloth and move on to a towel and then you fold the same wash cloth and the vicious cycle is started. I often sneak out of the main living areas of the house and into the bedroom and sit down and make a mad dash of starting and finishing the mound of laundry. Sometimes I can get it done but sometimes I can not. I have even found myself jumping up and into the bathroom if I hear the wee little voice say “MAAAAAA?” I do this in hopes that she won’t notice that I have been folding laundry and that she may need to ‘help.’ It often works but sometimes she just ends up pounding on the door yelling “pooop ma pooop.” Yesterday I started this laundry race and was shocked at the outcome. I was able to get all the laundry folded, put away and the baby a drawer cleaned out and all his little clothes put in it. Later I walked into the toy room and found why she was so good. Yup, there is art work on the wall. Who needs the easel for artwork when you have a HUGE wall to use. Today I will find the magic eraser and work on said wall. So I won the laundry race but the prize wasn’t that great of a deal. I really wouldn’t trade it for anything even folding the same towel and washcloth 50 times. HA! 

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