Rowdy’s Mac & Cheese

Several months ago Rowdy asked to learn how to make mac and cheese. The Kraft box variety of course he loves it! So I went through each step and explained it. Well since he is 8 then one time of showing him makes him a pro. So the next time he went to make it again he didn’t ask a question. Just made it and started eating. I noticed that when he was eating it that it sounded crunchy. Well he had made me soup that day. As in heated it up in the nuke. Well He said “Momma, is your soup done?” I replied that it was done. He then just kept crunching away at his mac and cheese. So a week or more had passed and he was making mac and cheese again. I watched the process. This is how it went down. He put the water on to boil set the timer to 7 minutes. The timer went off in 7 minutes. He went in and dumped the noodles into the pan. Then he scooped the pan up and drained the noodles. I laughed and said what are you doing? He said that he was making lunch. I said why didn’t you let it cook for another 7 minutes after putting the noodles in. He had forgotten that step. So then he had to start the process all over. Thus the reason he had crunchy noodles the last time. HA! 

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