Halloween with the Lemley’s

Growing up my Mom didn’t like Halloween at all. Oh, she let me dress up and even go to a few houses trick or treating but I really didn’t enjoy that so it didn’t last long. Mom always said it was the devils holiday. Now, I remember stories of the news saying check your children’s candy people are putting pills, and razor blades in them. WOW! Sounded like a bundle of fun to me. So since having children I have been back and forth on Halloween. Mostly thinking it’s not a great idea. For quite awhile we lived in the country and no one trick or treated so we didn’t need to do anything with the kids. So each year I think to myself “Are the kids really missing out?” I personally feel that Halloween is not worth celebrating. Each year at this time I get convicted of the evil doings of the day. Do I really want my kids to celebrate such a pagan day? Where does the Lord belong in this day? Is there any kind of Christian influence in the day in history or otherwise? No, the Bible doesn’t talk about “Halloween” but it does talk plenty about evil doings. So I firmly stand that it is my conviction(Kris’ too I might add) that our family doesn’t celebrate Halloween. It is just another day around this house. I have thought heavily about this for a week but my heart just won’t let me say ok, let’s do Halloween. So I believe God is dealing with my heart on this and so I shall remain in my stance until he tells me different.

Meanwhile, Rowdy is now 8 and he has taken on the opinion that Halloween is dumb. His philosophy is that why just dress up one day per year. If you want to dress up just go grab a towel out of the cabinet and voila you have a cape. He also thinks that candy should be eaten in abundance daily not once per year. I didn’t realize that he had such an opinion about Halloween until yesterday in conversation. Now, in saying that he thinks Halloween is dumb doesn’t sound very nice but he is allowed to form his own opinion but he isn’t allowed to run around giving his opinion that things are dumb. He knows to be respectful of others and when he is asked about Halloween he pretty much will answer with “We don’t celebrate Halloween.” 

So for the Lemley’s Halloween will just be another day. There won’t be lights turned on welcoming trick or treaters to our door. If the kids dress up then it will be their normal dress up items(a towel). We will have our usual family time of the evening and go to bed just like normal. To each family their own this is just how we chose to raise our family. Our convictions are just that….OURS. 

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