Oh Baby!!!

Let’s talk about this baby. My past 2 pregnancies I have carried some wild children. I am serious! Rowdy got his nickname in the womb! HA! Well this child is not living up to that standard so far. It has been bothersome for this Momma. I didn’t feel the first flutters until after the 20th week. Really and truly I am still only feeling flutters. I am 31 weeks and to not be poked, prodded, and jabbed from the inside out is very strange. So recently I asked to have the baby monitored for my peace of mind. So I went to the Dr’s office and they hooked me up for about 20 minutes. I got to hear the thump thump of his little heart and it was nice and strong. Very reassuring that it was so strong. I have an anterior placenta and the Dr and nurses assured me that this is the reason that he is not felt as much. I do think it has something to do with his position too. A few days ago he was transverse and so I am sure that isn’t helping. After the Dr’s visit I felt much better about him. Well today as I was drinking my water I sat my cold cup on my belly because you know it is handy. Anyway, I apparently gave him frost bite because he was quick to react to the coldness and gave me a good hardy smack. I am glad to feel each and every movement but the whack really helped this momma today! 

I just may have an easy going laid back baby on my hands for baby #3. 

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