This year I started out doing the days of Thanksgiving on Facebook. Each day I was posting what we were all thankful for. I am thankful for things daily and I tell The Lord just that but it is nice to not get in a rut and be thankful for every day things. To be thankful of things that you have taken for granted along the way for the past year. After reading a recent blog post I decided to change my way of doing this and really involve the kids. We made a blessing tree. I traced the kids hands and my hand and cut them out on colorful construction paper and we are writing something on a hand each day. The hands are suppose to be the leaf on the tree. It has turned out to be very cute and such a great reminder for me. I plan to keep the hands and write the date on the back so that we can look back and see what has changed in our life over the year. Paisley has of course said things like Milk, Swing, Mimi, Na na(Daddy), Ma(me). I think it will be fun to see what she says next year in comparison. The same with Rowdy. He puts a lot of thought into his word for his leaf. It really has been a great thing. The original idea was for a large family and each person wrote what they were thankful for on their hand. So it was a handful of blessings on their leaves. It was very cute but we aren’t a big family so I adjusted it a bit. 

This morning as Rowdy was doing school and I was looking at our tree I thought about things that haven’t been mentioned yet and things that are up already. There are numerous things that haven’t been put up and we may need to put more than one per hand or have a gigantic tree with a little trunk. So I was thinking about one thing that I am truly very thankful for. I am thankful for Dr’s. It is nice to be able to call a Dr for reassurance or just because your not sure what is normal or not. I have had a lot of those questions with this pregnancy. More so with this pregnancy than the past two pregnancies. They say each one is different and boy are they right. I am thankful after much prayer I had great peace about using Dr Hill to deliver baby #3 and have felt very comfortable with him and his entire staff. Of course there is many more things to be thankful for but as I was limping around this morning this one came first and foremost to my mind.

So in closing. Have you thought about what your thankful for? Not just the every day things but maybe those things that you don’t use daily or need all the time like Jesus, your spouse, children, home, food and etc. Those things are all great and we should be thankful for them all the time but can you imagine not being able to go to the dentist with your tooth pain? or maybe those shoes that protect your feet from the environment? 

I am not saying don’t be thankful for all those things that I mentioned but if you only got to keep the things that you are thankful for what would disappear out of your life? Something to think about all the time not just at this time of year. 

Thank you Lord for your many blessings through out the year. 

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