Our Christmas Traditions

We put our tree up today! YAY! Kris is not always in a hurry to put the tree up so I was glad that it didn’t take a bunch of nagging(only a little). Anyways, after putting it up it made me think of our not so normal traditions in tree decorating and how they came about.

When Kris and I first met he lived with his step Dad. They didn’t have a Christmas tree in the house let alone decorations. So that first year we went to Walmart and bought a $20 small tree. Then came back to their house and we started decorating. Hindsight 20/20 we should have bought decorations too. However, we didn’t. So we started scavenging in where else but the BARN. HA! So that first year we decorated with spurs, bits, horse shoes, ropes, tree skirt was a horse blanket, and the topper was a hat. Needless to say we had to tie the tree to the wall. Those ‘ornaments’ were to heavy for that $20 tree. The next year we had found a few ornaments along the way and started replacing the heavy items but we kept the tradition of the topper being a hat. That is a tradition that I just can’t let go of even if it is very nontraditional and most don’t get it. I love it. It takes me back to our first Christmas together. Now we use either Kris’ cowboy hat or Rowdy’s hat as the topper. I love that tradition and I am open to changing most anything about the tree but not that! ❤ 

Last year we got a much bigger tree given to us and thankfully we didn’t have to search the barn to add ornaments to it. We have collected a lot of the years but we really need to buy more than the ones for the kids. In looking at the tree today I realize that 80% of the ornaments are ones that we have bought for the kids for their future trees. So we might end up with another tree decorated with spurs, bits, and etc if I don’t work on our ornament supply. 

What is your tradition at Christmas? Tree decorating or otherwise? 

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