A Few Things I Have Learned

In the last few months I have learned several things about myself. Here goes! 

1. My body can not deliver a baby. I don’t dilate to more than a 3. I do not feel guilty about having to have a cesarean because I know that it was God’s plan for us. We had two hours of time to pray about if a cesarean was needed then it would be God’s will. Gus was born via cesarean 3.5 hours after we started praying. 

2. I can not produce enough milk to feed my baby. I have tried all the tricks in the books from herbal remedies to prescription medicine and nothing works for me. Gus was satisfied with what I was giving him but it wasn’t helping him grow. According to a lactation consultant I have rich milk just not enough. 

3. Although I wanted to be able to have a “normal” delivery and I wanted to feed Gus all these things have worked out to be God’s will and I have peace with those things. 

4. Some babies just don’t sleep good. That is that and I don’t have peace with no sleep! HA! Some days are easier than others and that is all I know at almost 4 months of not very much sleep. 

5. When a baby wakes up hourly and smiles at you each and every time you will melt just a little. 

6. RSV stinks! 

7. Staying in a hospital with your baby is a scary scary deal! I am so thankful that Kris was there with us around the clock. 

8. Family! WOW! What would we do without them. My Mom, my sister Shanna, and Robyn has been consistent in checking on me and helping out in anyway that they can. 

9. Family isn’t always blood. 

10. God gave man knowledge to make formula and the knowledge to perform cesareans and for that I am thankful! 

11. In the grand scheme of things I wouldn’t change a thing! 

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