Halloween with the Lemley’s

Growing up my Mom didn’t like Halloween at all. Oh, she let me dress up and even go to a few houses trick or treating but I really didn’t enjoy that so it didn’t last long. Mom always said it was the devils holiday. Now, I remember stories of the news saying check your children’s candy people are putting pills, and razor blades in them. WOW! Sounded like a bundle of fun to me. So since having children I have been back and forth on Halloween. Mostly thinking it’s not a great idea. For quite awhile we lived in the country and no one trick or treated so we didn’t need to do anything with the kids. So each year I think to myself “Are the kids really missing out?” I personally feel that Halloween is not worth celebrating. Each year at this time I get convicted of the evil doings of the day. Do I really want my kids to celebrate such a pagan day? Where does the Lord belong in this day? Is there any kind of Christian influence in the day in history or otherwise? No, the Bible doesn’t talk about “Halloween” but it does talk plenty about evil doings. So I firmly stand that it is my conviction(Kris’ too I might add) that our family doesn’t celebrate Halloween. It is just another day around this house. I have thought heavily about this for a week but my heart just won’t let me say ok, let’s do Halloween. So I believe God is dealing with my heart on this and so I shall remain in my stance until he tells me different.

Meanwhile, Rowdy is now 8 and he has taken on the opinion that Halloween is dumb. His philosophy is that why just dress up one day per year. If you want to dress up just go grab a towel out of the cabinet and voila you have a cape. He also thinks that candy should be eaten in abundance daily not once per year. I didn’t realize that he had such an opinion about Halloween until yesterday in conversation. Now, in saying that he thinks Halloween is dumb doesn’t sound very nice but he is allowed to form his own opinion but he isn’t allowed to run around giving his opinion that things are dumb. He knows to be respectful of others and when he is asked about Halloween he pretty much will answer with “We don’t celebrate Halloween.” 

So for the Lemley’s Halloween will just be another day. There won’t be lights turned on welcoming trick or treaters to our door. If the kids dress up then it will be their normal dress up items(a towel). We will have our usual family time of the evening and go to bed just like normal. To each family their own this is just how we chose to raise our family. Our convictions are just that….OURS. 

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Rowdy’s Mac & Cheese

Several months ago Rowdy asked to learn how to make mac and cheese. The Kraft box variety of course he loves it! So I went through each step and explained it. Well since he is 8 then one time of showing him makes him a pro. So the next time he went to make it again he didn’t ask a question. Just made it and started eating. I noticed that when he was eating it that it sounded crunchy. Well he had made me soup that day. As in heated it up in the nuke. Well He said “Momma, is your soup done?” I replied that it was done. He then just kept crunching away at his mac and cheese. So a week or more had passed and he was making mac and cheese again. I watched the process. This is how it went down. He put the water on to boil set the timer to 7 minutes. The timer went off in 7 minutes. He went in and dumped the noodles into the pan. Then he scooped the pan up and drained the noodles. I laughed and said what are you doing? He said that he was making lunch. I said why didn’t you let it cook for another 7 minutes after putting the noodles in. He had forgotten that step. So then he had to start the process all over. Thus the reason he had crunchy noodles the last time. HA! 

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On Sunday, Rowdy had a program. It was called “Living inside out, in an upside down world.” I have listened to him practice his part for what seems like a year. He plays it during chore time each day and I must say that I was getting rather tired of hearing it(I know terrible). Anyways even though I have heard it dozens upon dozens of times I was excited to see it all acted out. Well it was an excellent play! I must say that I also cried when Rowdy did his solo part. I love my little boy so much. I am very glad that he enjoys singing and doesn’t have a problem getting in front of people to do so. He also loves the Lord so much and it shines through him and makes me proud to see it. 

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Laundry race

So I have been down for the last week. So the laundry really piled up. Thankfully my Mom took pity on me one day and helped put away some of the laundry mountain. There was still a huge mound to be washed and put away. I worked my way through that on Wednesday and tackled the folding and putting away yesterday. I despise folding laundry because there is a curious 2 year old that likes to ‘help’. You know the kind of help that you fold a wash cloth and move on to a towel and then you fold the same wash cloth and the vicious cycle is started. I often sneak out of the main living areas of the house and into the bedroom and sit down and make a mad dash of starting and finishing the mound of laundry. Sometimes I can get it done but sometimes I can not. I have even found myself jumping up and into the bathroom if I hear the wee little voice say “MAAAAAA?” I do this in hopes that she won’t notice that I have been folding laundry and that she may need to ‘help.’ It often works but sometimes she just ends up pounding on the door yelling “pooop ma pooop.” Yesterday I started this laundry race and was shocked at the outcome. I was able to get all the laundry folded, put away and the baby a drawer cleaned out and all his little clothes put in it. Later I walked into the toy room and found why she was so good. Yup, there is art work on the wall. Who needs the easel for artwork when you have a HUGE wall to use. Today I will find the magic eraser and work on said wall. So I won the laundry race but the prize wasn’t that great of a deal. I really wouldn’t trade it for anything even folding the same towel and washcloth 50 times. HA! 

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Crystal Bridges/Chick-Fil-A

Yesterday we had a field trip with ACRES Home school group. We got to Crystal Bridges Museum at 10:00 am to begin our tours. I didn’t know how much Rowdy would enjoy the trip as far as the art pieces go but all in all he shocked me and really enjoyed it. There was 26 of us there and so they split us into 3 different smaller groups for the tour. The guide talked to the kids about the architecture and the architect. They all seemed to enjoy the trip. I think they enjoyed the trails the most of it all. We did the mile hike around so we could see the over look. I guess I missed that on the trip for just trying to huff and puff my way down the trail. 

After leaving Crystal Bridges we went to Chick-Fil-A and did their tour of the restaurant. The tour was nice and the man that led the tour was a preacher and was very proud of the Christian company that he works for. They let us tour the kitchen in groups of 5. The kitchen was pretty small but very clean. I was impressed with how everything was ran. Hal(the tour guide) told us that they brew tea from the time they get there in the morning till they leave and the same with the lemonade. It is freshly squeezed on site. Everything that you hear about Chick-Fil-A is legit. They really do hand batter their chicken, squeeze the lemons and etc. It was nice to know that they truly are what they say they are. I recommend asking for a tour. It is a neat experience and a breath of fresh air knowing it is a Christian Company. 

PS. There are A LOT of stairs at Crystal Bridges so be prepared. I know this pregnant lady was not! 

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Homeschooling….it isn’t for the pushovers.

If your a pushover and your children knows it then you’re probably going to struggle your entire homeschooling years and cause major burnout on both you and your child/children. I am not a pro at homeschooling by any means but I am a pro at watching for the steam roller that comes out in my child when he has decided to be head strong. I can usually see the build up and I can brace myself for the exchange that is going to happen. Homeschooling isn’t for the faint of heart for sure! Sometimes I have to dig down and find more stubborn then I realize that I possess. I have to pray, lecture, threat with removing privileges and even sometimes call the principal(gasp). Once the steam roller has started boy is it hard to get stopped. On those days we finish school no matter because one day of “ok, your done with school for the day” and it is score 1 child and 0 parent. I am not very competitive but I wont be beat out by my child.

Here is my sort of plan of action when the steam is building up. Not always am I prepared with the right heart but here is what I try.

Step1: Close your eyes and pray. God gave you this babe for a reason including all the faults that comes with him/her.

Step2: Deep breath (try not to let it turn into a scream)

Step 3: Ask what is wrong with the child? (Be prepared for this answer to come in a whine or cry)

Step 4: LISTEN!!!!!!!! (Sometimes the hardest step for me)

Step 5: Encourage (it goes A LONG way) I tell Rowdy that he wasn’t born knowing everything all at once and I don’t expect him to be perfect at his first few attempts on a subject. I also explain that there are still somethings that at the age of 31 I don’t know. This seems to help him to realize that at every age you are learning.

Step 6: Hug it out. A hug helps them to feel secure in your love for them no matter their attitude.

After all this I usually have to step into another room and straighten myself up because 9 out of 10 times I have lost control and have started crying also. You want them to learn so much and you want it to be easy but it cant be all easy. Life isn’t easy, there are morals to be taught, rules to be remembered and manners to be used.

These steps work for me but I am not perfect at remembering them in the heat of the argument by any means. I am really trying to be a better wife, momma, teacher. I am trying to remember Ephesians 4:29(NKJV) Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers.



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Paisley had to join in on the picture taking fun…

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